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The list of the instruments partially or totally developed by our group includes:
  • the photometer of the National Infrared Telescope (no more operational) ().
  • GoSpec, a seven elements infrared spectrometer (no more operational).
  • ArNICa the infrared camera for TIRGO (no more operational).
  • LonGSp the infrared spectrometer for TIRGO (no more operational).
  • , the NIR camera/spectrometer for the Telescopio Nazionale .
  • Amber-SPG, the beam combining spectrometer part for Amber, the VLTI focal-plane imaging/spectrometer.
  • Fasti, the innovative data acquisition design.
  • Giano, the high/low resolution infrared spectrometer for the TNG (Official site). See also the local Labir4Giano pages.
  • Nahual the high resolution infrared spectrometer design for the GTC. See also the official Nahual pages. (Not accepted).
  • SIMPLE, the Phase-A study of a high-resolution near-IR spectrograph for the E-ELT. Now part of HIRES
  • MOONS, Multi Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph for the VLT.
  • SpectralGpu the GPU based Radio Wavelength Spectrometer.
  • SKA newlocal development documentation for SKA
Some more informations can be obtined from our Documentation page.

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