The Camera/Spectrometer for TNG

NICS (Near Infrared Camera Spectrometer) is the camera/spectrometer that the Infrared Group at Arcetri Observatory has designed and build for the National Telescope Galileo ( Telescopio Nazionale Galileo, on behalf of the Italian astronomical community. NICS is now directli operated by TNG staff, and its current documentation can be found here.

A General Description of the Nics Camera

NICS development

Nics maintenance page (Arcetri, Jan-Mar 2003).
The Laboratory test of Nics new Large Field optical assembly (3/2001).
NICS FIRST LIGHT (19/10/2000)
at TNG (Sept 2000)
Nics first taken at Arcetri 20 July 2000
january 5-6 (20/1/2000).
completely mounted (14/12/99).
The first image taken with all optics mounted inside Nics dewar (still not aligned)(6/10/99).
The taken by Nics electronics (12/98). The taken with multiplexer (4/99). The first mask image taken with multiplexer (25/5/99). A more sensible (6/99).
Some images of Cryo-cooler, array stage and camera wheel mechanics, taken at Arcetri (early 99).
Some images of Nics mechanics, taken at Infrared Lab (before shipping to Arcetri).


A General Description of the Nics Camera
The original Project of the Nics Camera (8/1997).
Some Optical drawings
Scientific Array Characterization graphs: 1, 2, 3.
generale dell'elettronica di controllo e presa dati
per la camera infrarossa Nics
User Manual
The control program
Report, July 2000

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